Monks at about 400 temples in Phayao province have joined the provincial administration's campaign to ease haze problem during the dry season by urging local residents to refrain from starting forest fires especially on Buddhist holy days.

The Phayao provincial chief monk, Phra Ratpariyat, said that he had instructed abbots of about 400 temples in the province to ask for cooperation from local people in their localities not to start bush fires or to burn garbage every Buddhist holy day to protect the environment and people from smoke which poses a health threat.

Phra Khru Soponpariyatsuthee, the provincial deputy chief monk, said monks in the province had been actively promoting forest conservation among the locals which included the mass ordination of trees in watershed areas.

When forests are protected, there will be more humidity in the air and in the ground and, hence, less chance of forest fires, he explained.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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