Today (29 June 2017), Prime Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha chaired the fourth meeting of chiefs from ministerial agencies, which took place at the Jompol P. Pibulsongkram conference room at the Ministry of Labour. Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul, Permanent Secretary M.L. Puntrik Smiti and secretariat of the Office of the Civil Service Commission welcomed the Prime Minister and attendees from all 20 ministries.

After the meeting, the Permanent Secretary of Labour explained that the Prime Minister had acknowledge the ministries important missions carried out over the past 3 years, where he put emphasis on preparing the workforce for the 21st century and protection of informal workers. The Prime Minister urged all ministries to work together in caring for and developing the people, from newborns to seniors, in alignment with the government's 20-year plan. The Permanent Secretary said that the Ministry of Labour was prepared to provide profession advice and student assessments, with 12 advanced technological institutions already established, as well as adjust training curriculums to provide more variety to cater to all segments. The Ministry of Labour has also supported the private sector in developing curriculums, where it aims to train over 4 million formal workers. In addition to this, the ministry has given great importance to informal workers' access to services, welfare and security, where it aims to train approximately 1.2 million informal workers by 2018, with special focus on workers with a registered annual income below 30,000 Baht. Finally, the Prime Minister urged collaboration between all ministries to drive government policy and deliver the best benefits to the people.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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