Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha last night said the passing of His Majesty yesterday is the greatest loss of all Thais.

This day will be in the memories of all His Majesty's subjects forever, and the pain of his subjects is no less than when the Thai people suffered the loss of our beloved monarch King Rama V, the prime minister said in his address to the nation last night.

In the TV broadcast, Gen Prayut told the nation in grief that My fellow Thai citizens living here in Thailand and abroad, the saddest and worse news for all of us is unfortunately upon us. The Bureau of the Royal Household has made an official announcement of the death of our most beloved king. His Majesty passed away today in Siriraj Hospital.

This is the greatest loss for all Thais ever since the death of His Majesty's elder brother Rama 8 on June 9, 1946. All Thais are aware and have kept up with news of His Majesty's recent illness and we all share equal concern when we were informed of His Majesty's regular visits to Siriraj Hospital. Whenever His Majesty's condition improved, His Majesty always tirelessly returned to looking after the welfare of his subjects.

He said doctors at Siriraj Hosipital have closely monitored His Majesty's condition and have treated His Majesty with the greatest care. His Majesty's condition improved for a while but unfortunately later deteriorated.

His Majesty passed away on October 13 at the age of 89 years having reigned for 70 years.

This day will be in the memories of all His Majesty's subjects forever and the pain is no less than when the Thai people suffered the loss of of our beloved monarch King Rama 5 who passed away on October 23.

The prime minister said, My fellow citizens, for the entire 70 years of His Majesty's reign which began following the conclusion of the Second World War, the country was only just recovering from the ravages of a global war. The Thai people were filled with hope and enthusiasm when His Majesty ascended the throne to lead the country forward. He gave the Thai people hope and steered us forward to overcoming our fears in an uncertain time.

His Majesty became our father, our anchor and became the uniting figure who gave us the confidence to strive for a better future for ourselves.

Under His Majesty's guidance the country continued to develop and move ahead in all fields.

His Majesty is loved by all his subjects and has always been in the hearts of all Thais during His Majesty's 70 year reign because His Majesty has always put the needs of his subject before anything else.

This sad day marks the end of the 70 year reign of His Majesty, the greatest and most benevolent monarch the Thai people have ever had.

What he has given to us is priceless beyond measure. We the Thai people all share immeasurable and unbearable sadness on the loss of our beloved Father, Gen Prayut said.

The government is inviting all Thais regardless of religion to join in paying respects to our beloved King in accordance with your beliefs. Pray to all that you hold holy to look after His Majesty's spirit in His journey to heaven and also give prayer for the protection of all that His Majesty has created in this land. Give prayer also for one another so that all of us find peace during this time of immense grief and endeavor to live in harmony just as our beloved Father desired. Look back and remember His Majesty's reign and always keep in your hearts the undying love that His Majesty has for all of us.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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