Police in Lampang's Thoen district seized about three million methamphetamine tablets from a pickup truck after the driver crashed the vehicle through a road barricade and was forced to a stop after its tires were punctured with police gunshots.

The incident took place at about 3.30 pm at a road checkpoint in Thoen district.

Thoen district police led by Pol Col Chairote Iampayoong, the superintendent of Wiang Mok police station, set up a road block after they were alerted by narcotic police to intercept a convoy of three cars believed to carry a big haul of illicit drug from the North for distribution in other provinces.

Upon approaching the road block, the three cars refused to slow down to let police do their searches and instead accelerated and crashed through the road block.

Policemen manning the roadblock then opened fire aiming at the car tires. The gunshots hit the tires of a black Ford, forcing its driver to stop the car and to quickly exit trying to make good an escape.

Several bags of what believed to be illicit drugs were found on the back of the Ford car. About three million pills of ya ba were counted.

Police arrested one suspect but another two suspected drivers still at large.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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