Police believe that Mrs Jomsap Sanmuangkote was connected with the gang which fabricated evidence to substantiate for a retrial of the former schoolteacher's fatal accident case.

Pol Gen Wirachai Songmetta, the deputy national police chief, on Thursday joined police inquiry officers in interrogating Mr Sub Wapee, the man who claimed to be the real driver who rammed the car which killed a cyclist, not Mrs Jomsap.

After the interrogation which took place at Nakhon Phanom provincial police station, Pol Gen Wirachai said that from the testimonies given by Mr Sub and by Mr Suriya Nuancharoen, a friend of Mrs Jomsap, he was rather convinced that the former schoolteacher was involved in the scam.

He said that Mr Suriya was a key man who plotted the scam for the revival of Mrs Jomsak's accident case by acquiring the car that Mr Sub claimed was driven by him when the accident took place and fabricating evidence.

Mr Sub was on the same day taken to the Nakhon Phanom provincial court for a re-enactment of the event when he was at the court to hand over compensation of the family of the dead cyclist after his confession of the fatal accident.

Police said that they would not send the case file of Mr Sub to the public prosecutor yet because there are still several suspicious issues which are yet to be cleared up, especially the suspicion that some officials might be involved in the scam.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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