As New Year is coming in the next two days, the Royal Thai Police today warned people not to fire gunshots into the air as they could face murder charge for unintentional killing in case the falling bullets caused death.

The warning came as the police have records of six cases of mysterious bullets falling down from the air onto house roofs in a single day on January 1, 2016 in Nonthaburi, Phatthalung, Loei, Nakhon Si Thammarat and Pattani provinces.

The falling bullets caused damages to roof tiles.

In the prevention of unintentional damages to properties or unintentional injuries or deaths, the police asked the people not to shoot into the air as they risk being charged with murder resulted from recklessness in case the falling bullets caused damages, injuries or deaths.

A gun expert Wuthaya Suksomtomorn said the police could find evidence to prosecute the shooter through forensic examination.

Thailand ranked 39th in the world for having 10 million licensed and unlicensed firearms in the possession of its citizens, the highest among ASEAN countries, followed by 3.9 million firearms in the Philippines, and 600,000 firearms in Cambodia.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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