Political Development Committee Move forward in developing democracy

Parliament Political Development Committee Moving forward with democratic development, revealing preparation to talk with the Election Commission next week Promote political institutions to be tied to the people

Mr. Warayut Thongsuk, Chanthaburi MP, Progressive Party, as spokesman for the Political Development and Public Participation Commission. House of Representatives Referring to the policy framework of the Commission's work, it is about raising the level of democracy in Thailand. Both systematically and culturally, the indicator is an increase in scores and rankings in the Democracy Index. From the latest ranking in 2022, Thailand is ranked 55th out of 167 countries, scoring 6.67 points out of 10. The work of the Commission after this is expected to help the country's democracy index improve accordingly.

As for the results that the Commission wants to happen, there are 5 matters: 1. The election process. Improving the law Increase convenience in exercising voting rights at all levels, such as advance elections. Out-of-district elections and according to actual residence 2. Political institutions It will make proposals such as amending the constitution, decentralizing power and preventing a coup. 3. Political participation, making proposals such as improving public hearings. Improve budgeting Increase public participation. 4. Promote knowledge and understanding Democracy and human rights in schools and government officials 5. Rights and freedoms Make proposals to improve laws, such as protecting citizens' freedom of expression. Right to justice and freedom of the press

Mr. Warayut said that the working guidelines are based on the principle that All political parties work together for the benefit and happiness of the people. There will be additional channels for citizens to participate in the work of the Commission. The use of the budget must be in accordance with the framework set together. and can be checked By disclosing information to the public in a format that can be analyzed further. Every complaint will undergo preliminary screening by a working group from representatives of all political parties.

Mr. Warayut also mentioned the issue of the election of the Social Security Committee or Social Security Board. Registration is now open for Social Security members. Register to exercise voting rights Registration will close on October 31 and elections will be held on December 24, 2023. The Commission will help increase participation in exercising the right to vote in the Social Security Board elections.

The commission will hold a meeting next week. By inviting the Election Commission (EC) to discuss the issue of improving the law. To increase convenience in exercising voting rights at all levels. and measures to promote political institutions to be tied to the people

Source: Thai News Agency