Preparing to propose a draft law to cancel NCPO orders.

Parliament, “Teacher Manit” reveals that the government and area are preparing to present a draft law to repeal NCPO orders and review the laws of every ministry and department.

Mr. Krumanit Sangphum, Surin MP, Pheu Thai Party, as vice chairman of the coordination committee (whip) of the coalition government. Referring to the case where Mr. Saritphong is involved with the Krabi MP from the Bhumjaithai Party. Submit a letter to the Speaker of the House of Representatives To follow up on the proposed draft bill to repeal NCPO announcements and orders that are contrary to human rights principles. The Bhumjaithai Party submitted on January 31st that The government will submit a draft law of this nature as well. which the Prime Minister and legal department Mr. Phichit Chuenban, Advisor to the Prime Minister, has been assigned to study. and the Pheu Thai Party assigned Mr. Chusak Sirinil, list MP of the Pheu Thai Party, as deputy party leader. Go study as well.

‘By amending NCPO Order No. 14/2016 regarding the
Administrative Advisory Committee. and development of the southern border provinces and the determination of the authority and duties of ISOC, therefore, it is believed that there will be a conclusion soon because when the Bhumjaithai Party submitted its proposal Pheu Thai Party will also submit. and must be considered together as best as possible Obsolete orders will also have to be cancelled. Tomorrow (6 February) there will be a meeting. Pheu Thai Party MP I myself will follow up on the progress again,’ said Mr. Kru Manit.

Mr. Krumanit said that Mr. Somsak Thepsuthin, Deputy Prime Minister Also assigned Mr. Somkid Chuekong, Deputy Secretary-General of the Prime Minister Set up a committee to monitor the laws of every ministry, bureau, and department that are used in the administration of government as well because it is seen that the laws that the government proposes to parliament Still too little.

Source: Thai News Agency