The Cabinet on 15 December 2020 acknowledged measures to stop state officials who are involved in smuggling narcotic drugs into prisons for selling and buying among inmates.

The measures were proposed by the National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), which reported that drug smuggling into prisons had been enabled through the use of mobile phones.

NACC said that although the Department of Corrections and other relevant agencies had implemented preventive measures, it happened that narcotic drugs were still being smuggled into prisons. Corrupt officials have accepted bribes to allow the smuggling of drugs into jails.

In the measures proposed by NACC, prison officials are forbidden from using mobile phones and other communication tools in prisons. They are required to coordinate with service providers in checking the signals of phone calls made from the prison on a daily basis and send information to relevant agencies responsible for investigations.

The Department of Corrections has been urged to disclose results of arrests for drugs and other illegal items in prisons and make them known to the public. It should also disclose information about criminal proceedings and disciplinary action against corrupt officials and make it known to the public on a continual basis.

A special task force should be formed, comprising representatives from relevant agencies, to observe the supervision of major crime figures who are in prisons for drug offences.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department