The Metropolitan Police Division 7 has ordered an immediate investigation into a video clip in the social media showing a group of policemen allegedly queuing up to receive Ang Pao, or red envelopes, from an operator of an illegal gambling den and the proprietor of an entertainment venue.

Pol Maj-Gen Bunyarith Rodma, commander of the Metropolitan Police Division 7, on Saturday (Feb 17) instructed all police stations under the MPB to conduct a fact-finding probe to find out whether it was true or false that policemen have received red envelopes from businessmen during the Chinese New Year and to report back to him within a week.

Initial report said that about 60 policemen from Bang Sao Thong, Bang Yikhan, Taling Chan, Thammasala have received the red envelopes.

It was also reported that the man who handed out the red envelopes as shown in the clip which went viral was the owner of a big mobile gambling den in Pin Klao area.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

By tladmin