Civil society groups in Chiang Mai province have called for a demonstration beside the office of Region 5 Appeals Court on June 30 to demand the eviction of court officials from Doi Suthep foothill housing estate in Mae Rim district.

The groups alleged that about 30 families of court officials are still staying at a condominium building of the housing estate in defiance of a resolution agreed upon by the people's sector and the government that the housing project be halted and the land on which the project is located must be restored to its original status as forest.

It is unclear what the groups will do next aside from rallying near the Region 5 Appeals Court.

The groups held a protest in April against the foothill housing project, claiming that the project has contributed to the destruction of forest in Doi Suthep which should have been left intact and the location itself is not suitable for building construction as it is vulnerable to flash flood and soil erosion.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)