Raided and arrested a famous pub in the Om Noi area. Met 77 Pee Muang tourists

Samut Sakhon, "Anutin" leads the special operations team. Raided a famous pub in the Om Noi area of ??Samut Sakhon, found 77 purple pee tourists and detained the shop owner on 4 charges. Mr. Anutin Charnvirakul, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior The Department of Provincial Administration's Special Operations Team and police led a raid on a famous pub in the Om Noi area of ??Samut Sakhon after receiving complaints of opening hours and performing loud music disturbing the community. Selling alcohol over time Moreover, tourists are also allowed to use drugs. By boasting that There are influential people in the area supporting it. and raids and searches Found tourists having fun at a party. When the officer shows up Tourists are in a panic. Throwing drugs all over the floor and tried to push open the pub door to escape But when everything is calm Tourist urine test More than 77 people were found to be using drugs. Initially, the shop owner was brought in to report 4 charges and the Samut Sakho n Governor is preparing to consider closing the shop. For this pub It used to open as NOS Pub and was arrested for opening it to tourists. which was ordered to close in 2018, but was not afraid to re-open in 2018, but with a new name and made the same mistakes as before . Source: Thai News Agency