The Office of the Attorney-General (OAG) announced today that it may issue arrest warrant for Red Bull heir if he fails to appear before the attorney-general on April 27 to hear formal charges against him.

Affirmation of the pursuance of legal action against Vorayuth Boss Yoovidhya, 31, was announced by the OAG deputy spokesman Prayut Phetkun at a press conference to report progress in the controversial case that has been dragged on for almost five years.

The spokesman said the OAG did not stay put in pursuing legal suit against the heir, reasoning that the delay was due to the suspect did not report himself to the prosecutors but designated lawyers to ask for the postponement of hearing his prosecution.

Earlier the OAG has set today for the suspect to report himself but his lawyers asked to put it off to April 27, he said.

He said if he does not show up again on April 27 to hear charges, the OAG might consider to issue arrest warrant for him.

He said that the OAG did not neglect the case but it was delayed because the suspect filed complaint to the Commission for Law, Police and Justice of the National Legislative Assembly seeking for justice after the police and the prosecutors have conflict on speeding charge against him.

The conflict was later taken advantage by the suspect to seek postponement of his prosecution, he said.

He said the OAG earlier summoned him to hear his prosection on April 25 last year, but he sought for postponement several times citing business affairs as reason.

He assured that although the statute of limitions for speeding charge has run out, but for other serious charge such as reckess driving resulting in the death of other remains valid for 15 years or until September 3, 2027.

For hit-and-run charge, he said it remains valid until September 3 this year and this will be pursued by police investigators.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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