Permanent Secretary of Labour M.L. Puntrik Smiti explained that 3 measures were implemented to support migrant worker management. The measures include 1) Between 24 July � 7 august 2017, employers must fill in an application for migrant worker employment and attach a picture of the worker, which must then be submitted to the 11 reporting centers in Bangkok 2) Between 8 August � 9 September 2017, employers must take their workers to meet with officers to confirm their status as employer and employee 3) Obtain their certificate of identity (CI) which can be issued from the One Stop Service centers in Thailand for Burmese and Cambodian workers, whereas Laotian workers must return to Laos to get their passports before proceeding to the One Stop Service Center for a visa, medical examination and work permit.

The Permanent Secretary explained that the Ministry of Labour is prepared to open another 100 service centers nationwide to accommodate employers' needs. The service centers will be open for 15 days between 24 July � 7 August 2017, which will help the workers' transition to legal status, in accordance with the NCPO's decision for a 180-day grace period. The registrations will be aimed for employers with existing migrant workers, and not for new employment.

Employers can submit their application and attach 3 documents, that are the migrant worker employment application form, the employer's identification card or company registration certificate and three 2-inch sized photos of the migrant worker.

The 11 centers in Bangkok are at 1) The Ministry of Labour on Mitmaitree Road in Din Daeng 2) IT Square in Laksi Plaza on Chaengwattana Road in Laksi 3) The Southern Bus Terminal, second floor on Baromrachachonnani Road in Taling Chan 4) Tanya Park on Srinakarin Road in Suan Luang 5) The Bangkhun Tien Kaeha Sports Center Thonburi 3 on Rama 2 Road, Soi 62, Bangkhun Tien 6) The Ram Intra Sports Center on Ram Intra Road, Soi 5, Bangkhen 7) Department of Army Education near the Sam Sen Train Station on Nakorn Chaisri Road in the Dusit area 8) The Nantha Utthayan Club (Navy) on Isaraphab Road in Bangkok Noi 9) Bangkok University - Suvarnabhumi Auditorium on Prachapattana Road in Ladkrabang 10) Sampen 2 Park (phase 3) on Kalaprapuek Road in Bangkae 11) The Division of Occupational Safety on Baromrachachonnani Road in Taling Chan, opposite the Taling Chan police station.

All centers will be equipped with 30 officers on duty, facilitating the employers and workers' convenience. Employers can also submit their applications online by downloading the form from the website. The centers will be open for 15 days only, from 24 July � 7 August 2017, including on holidays. The process will only take 15 minutes per worker. The form can be downloaded from or, or for more details, call the Department of Employment's 1694 hotline.

Source: Ministry of Labour

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