SAFE starts trading on SET 2 Nov.

Bangkok, Safe Fertility Group Public Company Limited, one of the leaders in providing comprehensive infertility treatment services with medical assisted reproductive technology. international standards Ready to trade on the Stock Exchange on 2 November with a security value at the IPO price of 6,382.90 million baht, using the abbreviation "SAFE" in securities trading.

Mr. Manphong Senanarong, Deputy Manager, Head of Securities Issuer Division The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) revealed that the Stock Exchange welcomes Safe Fertility Group Public Company Limited to register and begin trading on the Stock Exchange. in the service industry group Medical business category Using the abbreviation for securities trading as "SAFE" on 2 Nov. 2023.

SAFE operates a medical center for comprehensive infertility treatment. Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), freezing and preserving egg cells, sperm, and embryos, providing genetic diagnosis services for embryos and fetuses, including genetics laboratories. With a team of doctors with more than 22 years of experience, scientists with expertise in embryo culture. together with the use of modern technology that meets international standards This results in an average pregnancy success rate of 40-75%, which is higher than the industry average. The company has been certified as the first IVF clinic in Thailand from the Reproductive Technology Accreditation Committee (RTAC), Australia and New Zealand. Currently, the group has 5 branches covering areas in Bangkok and provinces that are important tourist destinations in the country.

SAFE has paid-up capital of 303,947,800 baht with a par value of 1.00 baht per share by offering common shares to the public for the first time (IPO), totaling 76,748,600 shares, consisting of 23,947,800 additional common shares, 52,800,800 existing common shares of Piccadilly Peak Limited, offered Sold to Institutional investors 40.00 million shares, individuals at the discretion of the underwriter 23.16 million shares, benefactors of the company and its subsidiaries 11.50 million shares, and directors, executives and/or related persons. and employees of the company and subsidiaries, 2.09 million shares between 25 - 27 Oct. 2023, priced at 21.00 baht per share, representing a fundraising value of 502.90 million baht, with a securities value at the IPO price of 6,382.90 million baht, with Opt Company Asia Capital Company Limited is a financial advisor. and Bualuang Securities Public Company Limited is the underwriter and underwriter of the common shares.

Dr. Wiwat Wide Khananurak Chief Executive Officer of Safe Fertility Group Public Company Limited (SAFE) revealed that the listing on the stock exchange Will support the company to grow according to the strategies laid out both in business and in driving society to increase competitiveness. To become a leader in infertility treatment Genetic diagnosis of embryos and fetuses and Wellness in Asia For the money received from fundraising It will be used to invest in related businesses that have potential. and expand branches and provide laboratory services to support the growth of the group of companies. Including it will be used as working capital.

SAFE has the top 3 shareholders after the IPO: 1) Kwangkananurak Group holds 60.92% of shares 2) North Haven Thai Private Equity Saturn Company (Hong Kong) Limited (a company registered under the laws of Hong Kong whose general partner is Morgan Stanley) holds 12.50% of the shares and 3) Ms. Chanida Patthanothai holds 0.55% of the shares. Determination of the IPO share offering price Considered by surveying the demand for purchasing securities (Book Building). The company has a policy to pay dividends at a rate of not less than 50 percent of net profits from the company's separate financial statements. After deducting corporate income tax and legal reserves

Investors and interested parties Details can be viewed from the company's prospectus at the SEC's website at and general information of the company at and at .

Source: Thai News Agency