A shootout broke out late last night in front of a famous entertainment venue, Camp Beer, on Koh Samui leaving two dead, a police officer and a security guard.

Five were injured. They are two police officers, and three guards of the entertainment venue.

Bo Phut police said the killed officer was Pol Lance Corporal Kachornsak Soisangwarn, a police officer at Bo Phut police station. He was just posted to the police station to work recently.

The shootout happened at Camp Beer restaurant around midnight after the bar closed.

Investigation revealed that the officer and two colleagues, all in plainclothes, had a drink at the bar, and engaged in a quarrel with a group of teenagers dining and drinking inside.

Nothing happened until the bar closed and the two groups were asked by guards to leave and settle their dispute outside.

But shortly after both groups left for talk outside, a brawl broke out and several gunshots were fired.

Seven were shot and injured.

All were immediately rushed to Ban Don Inter 3, Thai International, and Krungthep-Samui hospitals, by the guards.

The officer and the guard of the beer bar Kraisorn Mingsakul, 35, were pronounced dead on arrival at hospital.

Five others also are in serious condition.

Bo Phut police collected six 9 mm casings from the scene. They were looking into the bar's CCTV cameras to find out who started the shooting.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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