Despite of over six hours of questionings, school teacher Preecha Kraikruan remained firm on his earlier testimony given to the police that he was the real owner of the five winning first-prize lottery tickets.

The school teacher and the lottery vendor Mrs Rattanaporn Suphathiop, alias Jeh Babin, were separately questioned at the Crime Suppression Division (CSD) after both were escorted from their homes in Kanchanaburi to face charges.

They face charges of filing a false complaint with police, giving false information to officials and framing another person in a criminal case.

After the questioning which began immediately after they arrived at the CSD headquarters at about 4.00pm and ended at about 10.00pm, both were escorted to the CSD detention cells for rest.

CSD will resume questioning them late Thursday morning.

Preecha still insisted he was the owner of the winning tickets while Jeh Babin also is confident on her earlier testimony that she sold the winning tickets to the teacher.

Her lawyer Kriangkrai Nakwalee has prepared 75,000 baht as bail in the court procedure while the teacher said he would use his official position as bail.

The CSD police have made clear they would not allow bail for both during the interrogation procedure which the law allows the police to detain the suspects 48 hours.

Afterwards, the police can seek extension for another 12 days to detain them for further questioning. During the extended period, bail request will be considered by the court.

Both suspects said they would seek bail in the court procedure.

The CSD will escort both to the Criminal Court tomorrow for extended detention.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

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