The police began to tighten security at the Supreme Court on Chaengwattana road today in preparation for a huge crowd of people expected to come to give morale support to ex-premier Yingluck Shinawatra on her judgement day tomorrow.

Police began to put up steel barricades at the front gate to the compound of the Supreme Court.

But entries to the compound by visitors in vehicles are still allowed for official contacts. However visitors need to exchange their ID cards with pass cards before they are permitted into the compound.

The police have not yet restricted entries into the Government Centre from Chaengwattana road. However entries to the centre will be prohibited tomorrow.

The Royal Thai Police which has been tasked to handle security reported that it will be employing the Korakot 2009 security plan. The plan involved the deployment of 24 companies of riot police to keep peace and order.

Yesterday the companies carried out on site drills and coordinated their efforts with Supreme Court security forces. The Supreme Court has designated a 15,000 square meter area as a no entry security zone which will be off limits to nonessential persons.

Furthermore, the road directly in front of the Supreme Court will be closed to traffic on the day of the verdict.

A special 1,600 square meter area has already been prepared for Ms Yingluck's supporters which will be able to hold approximately 5,000 persons.

A tight security cordon will become effective tomorrow after which the Explosives Ordnance Disposal (EOD) units will carry out an inspection of the entire compound.

Deputy commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Pol Gen Srivara Rangsiphramanakul made a personal inspection of the security preparations and is reported to have advised the Supreme Court to install an additional 120 closed-circuit TV cameras. Of these 32 will be installed within the Supreme Court while the remaining 88 will be for the surrounding grounds.

As an additional precaution all security personnel and officials will be equipped with mobile 4G digital cameras on their persons to record all developments. The deputy commissioner warned that any supporters who stubbornly remain and refuse to disperse will be charged.

Pol Gen Srivara said signs have been posted at the Supreme Court warning against improper conduct. He said everyone must act responsibly and conduct themselves as good Thai people.

He said as soon as the verdict is announced there is no reason for anyone to remain but go home.

If you don't and if you still ignore warnings from officials then we will have no choice but to charge you for violation of the Riot Act, he said

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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