Send homework for the 1st anniversary, Bangkok joins hands with ACT against corruption

Bangkok, June 9-"Chatchart" Bangkok Governor reveals the 1st anniversary of work today, ACT against corruption. came to inspect the homework, there were 6 things that were carried out together

Chatchart Sittipunt, Governor of Bangkok Disclosed after the Anti-Corruption Cooperation Meeting between Bangkok and the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) (ACT) that it is the 1st anniversary of the discussion with ACT on anti-corruption projects. which is considered an order from the people. Today, the ACT came to inspect our homework. 2. Implementing the online bureaucratic system to develop contacts for permission 3. Transparency in procurement, making an open contract 5. Krungthep Thanakom announces joining the Collective Action Against Corruption: CAC ) and 6. The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration announced its intention to display anti-corruption symbols, and all 6 cases were in progress. Some things may be slow, such as online permissions. which began operating since December last year But there are still some obstacles, for example, people are not yet popular. There may be problems with the use of programs between people. which will be improved and will make it better Or Krungthep Thanakom who entered the CAC is in the process of preparing all 6 of these documents. And it's quite possible. The next year, the ACT has a presentation on the legal guillotine. to consider cutting out the regulations that are not up-to-date Because these regulations have channels for corruption. to consider cutting out the regulations that are not up-to-date Because these regulations have channels for corruption. to consider cutting out the regulations that are not up-to-date Because these regulations have channels for corruption.

In addition, the ACT discussed encouraging partners, contractors or people who have contracts with us to join in declaring its intention and anti-corruption is a good thing. Because corruption does not clap with one hand. must come from both sides If the partner side accepts this intention, it will lead to more transparency. Including a clear declaration of intent, for example, we have a policy not accepting gifts, it should be clearly announced to all districts that there is no even eating. It is forbidden to bring the staff to the party. and communicate this matter to everyone to understand the same As for the story, there may be loopholes such as land and building taxation. If it can be posted online, the ACT recommends that it should be posted online so people know how much the tax is assessed. Including recommending an inspector That is, instead of giving each district absolute power to assess taxes. There may be people who go to check in each district. randomly check whether the evaluation is correct or not Is the signboard tax correct? These are the recommendations we will use to develop the Year 2 Plan.

Mr. Wichien Phongsatorn, President of the Anti-Corruption Organization (Thailand) (ACT), said that important matters that the BMA operates, such as the issue of open contract partnership (ocp), international standards that the ACT also has a coordinator in this matter will be Norms are international standards consistent with national matters. And the important thing that the people ask and expect is the things that the BMA is committed to doing in solving the corruption problem. I want it to be a model along with being a norm as a minimum standard. which is hoped that the national government will receive and hope to do better

“Anti-corruption depends on trust. bringing people together will be very effective because people will know the problems If he trusts us when We will have more channels and more coalitions to fight against corruption, so we must try to build the trust of the people to be confident that we are serious and doing it,” Governor Chatchart said.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency