SET grants best research award on Thai capital market's sustainable development

BANGKOK, November 17, 2016 - The Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET)'s Capital

Market Research Institute (CMRI) today held its annual 2016 awards ceremony for

best capital market research to promote wide-ranging research studies that can

further develop the Thai capital market towards sustainability.

This year, Suchaya Siamwalla, a graduate from Martin De Tour School of

Management and Economics, Assumption University, received the best award for her

research entitled "Risk and return in the equity mutual fund industry: An

unorthodox relationship and its application to new investment strategies".

SET Senior Executive Vice President Pakorn Peetathawatchai, said that global

capital market was currently undergoing continual development with innovations

which could benefit the capital market ecosystem. Today's era of big data using

technology to compile, process, and analyze vast amounts of information from

multiple sources has enabled us to accomplish in-depth studies and research for

capital markets. Research results could become powerful tools to continuously

develop the capital market, both in policy formulation and strategy as well as

in the development of new products and services to meet investors' needs. This

in turn can increase SET's presence in the world-class capital market.

"For more than five years, SET has focused on promoting capital market research

by providing graduate-level research grants in collaboration with educational

institutions in selecting the outstanding research projects on capital markets.

Each year experts in the field give advice and guidance. This ensures the

quality and professionalism of the innovative research results taking an

essential role to enhance the quality of Thailand's capital market," added


The 2016 award winning research studied the relationship between risk and return

of Thai equity mutual funds during 2003-2012. The findings showed that the

"High-risk, High-return" investment model was not always accurate, while

"Low-risk, High-return" investing was possible. However, this depends on many

factors and investment strategies. The work also offered three investment

strategies to generate above-average returns.

At the event, four other awards were also presented: one "Outstanding Award",

two "Consolation Awards", and one "Popular Vote Award" chosen by capital market


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Source: The Stock Exchange of Thailand

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