Si Thep National Park is bustling and open for free admission. Celebrated as a world heritage site

After UNESCO declared the ancient city of Si Thep of Thailand a World Cultural Heritage Site. At the World Heritage Committee meeting in Saudi Arabia While the Fine Arts Department Announcement of exemption of entry fees to Si Thep Historical Park, Phetchabun Province, between 20 - 24 September 2023 to join in celebrating the announcement of registration of the ancient city of Si Thep.

Today, the atmosphere at Si Thep Historical Park is full of people and tourists. both in the area and in different areas Come and visit with excitement. The park has trams available to provide shuttle service and stops for tourists to visit various important historical sites. Along with staff giving lectures on the historical importance of the tram as well.

Within the park, there are a group of important historical sites, including the Khao Klang Nai archaeological site. Prang Song Phi Nong archaeological site and Prang Si Thep archaeological site Including about 70 large to small ponds and ponds scattered everywhere, reflecting the continuous human settlements that have existed since prehistoric times. Dvaravati culture and Khmer respectively which includes a period of prosperity of more than 800 years.

Today is also Youth Day. Wang Phikun Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Bueng Sam Phan District, Phetchabun Province has organized Youth Day activities. Taking students from 4 schools in the area on a field trip to Si Thep Historical Park.

The children said they were impressed by their visit to this important historical site. And yesterday I heard the news that it has been registered as a world heritage site. Makes today even more exciting to visit. and proud that Thailand has good things

For Si Thep Historical Park, it is open every day between 8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m., excluding government holidays and public holidays. Admission fee Thai citizens 20 baht per person and foreigners 100 baht per person. Entrance fees will be waived for monks, novices in Buddhism or clergy of other religions. which the Fine Arts Department Admission fees are waived from today until 24 Sept.

While Mr. Sermsak Phongpanich, Minister of Culture As Chairman of the World Cultural Heritage Subcommittee, he said that after the ancient city of Si Thep, Phetchabun Province, was certified as a World Cultural Heritage Site, the Fine Arts Department had to make a master plan for in the conservation and development of Si Thep Historical Park To support the conservation and development of the ancient city of Si Thep. Including visiting the area to talk with villagers in the area to help preserve the Sri Thep World Heritage Site in accordance with World Heritage regulations. The Culture Minister plans to travel to the ancient city of Si Thep during the next month. to see progress in various areas After being registered as a World Heritage Site. At the same time, I believe that after this The ancient city of Si Thep is a world heritage site. From having less than 1 tourist per day, 000 people believe that it will definitely increase. and consider that the ancient city of Si Thep is the soft power of Phetchabun province. That will affect the solution of the country's economic problems. It is a matter of 1 Tambon 1 Soft Power. and Phetchabun Province will be celebrating together throughout the month. In order to promote tourism as well.

Source: Thai News Agency