Vast areas in some southern provinces are still submerged although overall situation of flooding in the South starts to improve.

Residents in some areas of Songkhla and Trang provinces are still stranded at homes surrounded by deep water.

In Songkhka, the draining of flood water from the Songkhla Lake through a natural pathway located between Songkhla and Patthalung provinces into the Gulf of Thailand faces difficulties due to dense forests and high soil ridges, thus obstructing fast water flow.

Local authorities have now reported their findings to concerned agencies, in order for those agencies to immediately solve the problem, such as the dredging of a new waterway to help drain out more excess water.

In Trang province, Kantang, HuayYod, Wang Wiset, and Muang are still under 2-3 metres deep of flood water, with hundreds of households inundated to the roof.

More than 30 local schools remain closed.

Although the flood situation in Nayoang and Ratsada districts has started to ease, residents still held up cleaning their homes or move their belongings back inside, in fears that another round of flooding could hit the areas again.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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