Residents of Tambon Khao Roopchang in Muang Songkhla lastnight (Friday) protested in front of an animal feed factory after suspected it of defying Songkhla industrial office's order to temporary close the plant.

The residents blocked the entrance of the factory, BVP Marine Products Co Ltd at about 10 pm after they saw trucks loaded with poultry entering and leaving the factory, indicating that it was still in operation.

A Khao Roopchang municipality officer said the Songkhla industrial office on Feb 5 ordered the factory temporary closed for nearly two months, from Feb 5 to March 31, to improve wastewater treatment system following complaint from local residents over wastewater from the factory.

The protest prompted the municipal officials and police to contact factory owner Waraporn Niyomchinda to ask for permission to check out the factory. But the authorities' request was rejected.

Mrs Waraporn claimed that the sound machines inside the factory was in fact came from the wastewater treatment plant.

The police and city officials then advised local residents to take pictures or record video to support their claims that the factory defies the closure order.

The residents later ended their blockade after they were assured that the factory remains shut.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)

By tladmin