Squid player breaks and hits the ground, injuring 3

Khon Kaen, Giant squid ride. At the International Silk Festival It was damaged and fell to the ground, injuring 3 people.

There was an incident with the giant squid player. Inside the International Silk Festival Khon Kaen Province It was damaged during the final round of opening for tourists to play last night. The squid's tentacles broke and hit the ground. This caused three people on the ride to be injured. All of them are currently safe. Released from the hospital

Khon Kaen District Chief along with related agencies Check the player It was found that the shaft attached to the squid's rotating machine was broken. This causes the squid's tentacles to fall off. From now on, the service will be suspended. Until the Provincial Public Works Department has thoroughly inspected and certified that it is safe. Meanwhile, the operator of the attraction stated that he has taken out insurance to take care of the users. and will replace the entire set of steel arms For safety.

Source: Thai News Agency