Over 50 percent of respondents to Suan Dusit Poll believe that the post-election government will be democratic, represent the people and perform better than the previous governments.

However, 42.30 percent of the respondents of the same poll believe that there won't be changes for the better because the same old politicians will get elected into the parliament with the country still divided with colour politics.

Dusit Poll surveyed the opinions of 1,130 respondents during June 5-9 about their political interests. Election ranks top of their political issue of interest followed by the performance of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha government and new political parties.

39.48 percent of the 1,130 respondents are interested in the next election tentatively set in February next year. They want the election to be held and when exactly the election will be held as they want an elected government with the hope that it will bring about economic improvements, said the poll.

However, 33.41 percent of the respondents admit that the government of Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha has under-performed with the government unable to resolve several problems, resulting to constant criticism.

27.11 percent of the respondents say they want to know more about the new political parties such as their policies and who are their leading members.

Asked about what they would like to tell the election candidates, the poll shows 60.09 of them want to tell the candidates that they don't want corrupt politicians and those who buy votes; 28.40 percent say they want hard-working politicians who are dedicated to the people; 21.60 percent say they want politicians to quickly address economic problems.

Asked about the type of the candidates they want, 45.60 percent say they want honest and good candidates; 36.80 percent say they want new �generation candidates who have visions and receptive to public views; 27.77 percent say they want serious and hard-working candidates.

Asked what they expect from the election, 34.26 percent say they expect to have the right of political participation; 31.98 percent expect Thailand to be more recognized internationally with the election; and 27.66 percent say they will have a new government.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)