The Central Administrative Court today dropped a lawsuit filed by a follower of Phra Dhammachayo accusing the Department of Special Investigation of unlawfully charging the Dhammakaya monks and the temple, and asking it to halt the DSI's unjust practices.

The ruling of the Supreme Administrative Court was seen as to uphold earlier sentence by the lower Administrative Court which dropped the case filed by Mrs Kunapha Thamringmart, a follower of the temple, against DSI chief, Phra Buddha-issara, Dr Mano Laohavanich, a former follower of Phra Dhammachayo who turns a strong opponent to Dhammachayo, and Phaiboon Nititawan, a former legislator and constitution drafting committee.

She accused them of exercising their status as state officials to unlawfully accuse the temple and it's monks, tarnishing the image of the temple.

She brought the case to the attention of the Administrative Court after the Court of Justice dropped her case.

In bringing the case to the Administrative Court, she reasoned that her case was a dispute between the state officials and the private sector and that the Administrative Court must handle under its jurisdiction.

But at the ruling today, the Supreme Administrative Court reasoned that the DSI has authority to charge and bring all suspects to justice system.

It said the case is not a dispute between state officials and the private sector which comes under its jurisdiction, but under the jurisdiction of the Court of Justice and the Criminal Procedure Code.

Therefore her case against the DSI be dropped as it has no authority to handle, the Supreme Court said.

For the case she brought against Phra Buddha-issara, Dr Mano and the former CDC member, the court said the accuser didn't specify exactly what positions they stood for in making accusations against the temple and the monks for serious ethical violations.

Therefore it also was not considered it a use of adminstrative power as they are not state officials.

The court then ordered to dropped the case.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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