A criminal suspect claimed love jealousy as the motive for the gruesome murder of his girlfriend after his arrest by the police at his apartment room in Min Buri on Saturday.

The 36-year old suspect, Mr Worawuth Prakob, allegedly admitted to metropolitan police he used a hammer to smash the head of his live-in girlfriend for two years, 24-year old Ms Laksana Kamlungkeng, until she fell dead in his room at an apartment in Soi Ram-inthra 83, Kannayao area in the suburb of Bangkok on the night of June 12.

He said he used a blanket to wrap up the blood-soaked dead body and stayed in the apartment room until the next day and he went to work as usual. He added that after he returned from the office he went straight to his apartment room to drag his dead girlfriend from the bed into the bathroom where he dismembered her body.

The body parts were stuffed in plastic bags and a baggage which he dumped on a deserted roadside in Soi Samwa where they were later found.

The suspect claimed that Ms Laksana told him she would return to her ex-husband and two children in Roi-et and he did not object. However, he said while he was standing on the balcony as Laksana was packing up he saw her eyes looking at him without any sign of care, a fit of anger overpowered him and he grabbed a hammer to hit her on the head.

Police said that they had video footages from the apartment showing the events from June 12-14. The footages show that, at about 6.44 pm on June 12, the victim was seen following her perpetrator in the apartment.

Another clip at about 4.24 am on June 14, a man was seen carrying a black backpack and dragging a bag out of an apartment room. The bag looks familiar with the one found on the roadside of Soi Samwa where body parts were found stuffed in bags.

During June 12-14, the suspect was not seen leaving the room until 4.24 am on June 24.

Police also questioned the victim's ex-husband who said she had returned to him for about two weeks until June 12 when she told him that she would return to her boyfriend's apartment room to pick up her belongings and she was not heard of or seen ever since.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)