The Thai Bankers Association (TBA) says it will be introducing the national digital identity (NDI) system to all commercial banks for more convenient and secure authentication service.

Announcement of the authentication service by TBA president Predee Daochai came after a Call Centre scam gang was able to use a stolen identification card of a female office employee, Nisha Kiattanapaibul, to successfully open nine accounts at seven commercial banks although she had earlier filed complaint to the police and local adminstration officials of the lost card.

The incident has landed her in threedays and two nights in prison before she was granted release later on a 80,000 baht bail by the Sixth Region Appeals Court. Her bail was earlier rejected twice by the Tak provincial court.

Nisha is preparing to sue the bank for allowing an unauthorized person, even wearing hygiene mask to coverup her face, to use her ID to open bank accounts which were later used to cheat several people in fake land purchase deal in Tak province.

TBA president Predee said TBA would introduce the NDI system which is more convenient and more secure for authentication service.

The system will link with the Ministry of interior's data base on real time basis and is more sense, he said.

He said all relevant agencies which include the ministries of finance, interior, financial institutions, central bank were under talk on the fund which would be needed in the investment for the NDI system.

He said it was expected that the system could be installed and ready for service in the second half of this year.

He assured that the system would practically prevent frauds.

He said the TBA has asked commercial banks to be more rigid in issuing new bank books for customers with more time for authentication under the rules given earlier by the Bank of Thailand and the Anti Money Laundering Office.

He said bank needs to screen ID card of customer for information to compare with previous data in the system before approving the new bank account.

Commenting on the legal responsibility that the female office employee was considering to demand from the banks, he said in this case the damaged woman did not suffer any financial damage.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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