The Phetchabun Muang district mayor has ordered the director of a school in the district to set up a panel to investigate a teacher who allegedly shamed a student by attaching a sticker on his shirt which reads Not paying the 700 baht school term's fee yet.

An image of the student with his face blurred and with the sticker on his shirt was posted in the social media, prompting a lot of criticism against the teacher.

Mr Seksan Niyompeng, the mayor, said in his Facebook page on Friday that he had ordered the school director to help the student and to try to talk to his parents. He added that he also ordered the director to set up a committee to conduct a factfinding probe into the incident.

Having learned about the incident, the student's mother posted on her Facebook page offering her apology for not paying the school term fee for her kid, claiming that the family had financial problem and asked for understanding.

She disclosed that when she went to the school for a meeting between parents and the management she saw her boy looking sad and pointing to the sticker on his shirt, telling her to pay the tuition fee because he felt ashamed.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)