Tell “Jurin” to act as an opposition figure, not a fortune teller.

Pheu Thai, “Prompong” Suan “Jurin” criticizes the digital money project. Don't act like a fortune teller. Guessing on a problem that has not yet arisen, hoping to kick and amputate the leg. The government suggests asking questions as the opposition in the House of Representatives.

Mr. Prompong Nopparit, Political Advisor of Mr. Phumtham Wechayachai, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Commerce Referring to the case of Mr. Jurin Laksanawisit, party-list MP and former leader of the Democrat Party. Question the government if digital money is truly necessary. Why doesn't it come out? Royal Decree (Royal Decree) instead of the Act (Act) and saw that it was a matter of creating debt to serve campaign policy. He said that he was also suspicious of Mr. Jurin's attitude. Last time, Mr. Jurin himself told the government that If you want to give away digital money, give it away. But don't use the people as a shield. Once the government has passed the discussion and determined the framework for implementing the project, it will issue a loan act. Mr. Jurin asked another question.

“I would like Mr. Jurin to keep the questions for use in the parliamentary process. It would be better. will be able to fully perform the duties of the opposition Not acting as a vengeful person who criticizes everyone. If you criticize for the cause, it doesn't matter. But if you criticize for political gain, I can't accept it. Mr. Jurin himself used to be deputy prime minister. and Minister of Commerce Should be able to see and understand the hardships of fellow citizens affected by COVID and the war that has affected the world. Including Thailand. Our country's financial liquidity has clearly deteriorated,” Mr. Promphong said.

Mr. Prompong said that many countries have different methods and tools to stimulate the economy. Japan has measures to stimulate the economy by cutting taxes and giving money to low-income households. Singapore injects money into the budget and prepares to distribute money to help alleviate the problem of inflation. and the rising cost of living In the case of digital money that the government will issue Loan Act It's to get new money into the system. If we use a normal budget, it doesn't increase the money in that part. It's like taking water from a pond and pouring it into the pond. So how can the water in the pond be increased? A new round of stimulation must use water in a new pond. The enactment of the bill must go through the parliamentary process where Mr. Jurin sits as the opposition. It is a good thing that Mr. Jurin was able to ask questions to be fully examined.

“I don't want Mr. Jurin to act like a fortune teller, making predictions and predicting problems that haven't happened yet. Kick and cut off the government's legs. The government comes from the people. They earn money and are able to spend money. You should wait to serve as the opposition in the House. It's probably better than coming out and stirring up the water to make it cloudy. I would like to say this to all the singers who have come out to work during this time. I want you all. Please help sympathize with the black-eyed brothers or entrepreneurs who are waiting for digital money. Digital currency policy is good policy. Come out to create an economic whirlwind. You should promote or support it to be right. During the administration of the past government There are many things that need to be investigated. Where were these people then? It is enough to be a government in which the Pheu Thai Party is the leader. These people, including Mr. Jurin, came back to object and become inferior. I wonder if he did it because of prejudice or because he was afraid that If the government does well and manages well, it will be successful. Like past projects we've done. It will definitely get votes from the people,” Mr. Prompong said.

Source: Thai News Agency