Despite the COVID-19 situation, Thai durian exports to China continue to grow, as demand in the Chinese market is still high and Chinese consumers are confident about the efficiency and standards of Thailand’s fruit management.

Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Chalermchai Sri-on stated that the COVID-19 pandemic did not have much effect on Thai fruit exports, since the appetite for Thai fruits in major markets, especially China, remains strong.

He said that the Thai government, through the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives, has been implementing strict quality control measures for agricultural production at all levels among farmers and traders and in workplaces and the transportation sector, based on the guidelines set by the World Health Organization and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

Mr. Chalermchai said that China had commended Thailand for the safety standards of its fruit exports. There has been no report of virus contamination in Thai fruits or packaging at all. Thailand attaches great importance to the control of COVID-19.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives has sent documents in Thai and Chinese to the Chinese Customs Office explaining about the country’s control measures. It has also joined hands with the Durian and Mangosteen Exporter Association in launching campaigns to create confidence about Thai durian production among various trading partners.

Major importers of Thai fruits include China, Hong Kong, and Vietnam. From January to April 2021, Thailand exported 213,328 tons of durian, worth 28,615 million baht. Out of this volume, 72 percent was exported to China, 13 percent to Hong King, and 12 percent to Vietnam.

Source: The Government Public Relations Department

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