Prime Minister General Prayut Chan-o-cha has urged Thai people and all sectors of society to join forces in making Thailand a corruption-free country.


The Prime Minister on 9 December 2020 presided over a national anti-corruption event to observe the 2020 United Nations International Anti-Corruption Day at the Office of the National Anti-Corruption Commission in Mueang district, Nonthaburi province.


The United Nations General Assembly designated 9 December International Anti-Corruption Day. Thailand organizes this national event each year to show its strong determination to fight corruption. About 2,500 people participated in the event this year, in person and on Facebook Live and other online platforms, under the theme “Zero Tolerance.”


In his statement, the Prime Minister said that the Government has included anti-corruption efforts in the national agenda. It has also improved various laws to cover the prevention and suppression of corruption and malpractice in a systematic manner. Another objective is to eliminate patronage values and conflicts of interest.


He said that the Government aims to accelerate legal procedures against corruption offenders in order to create confidence among the public about its serious operations against corruption.


It also emphasizes efforts to create an anti-corruption culture, as well as promoting integrity and transparency, so that Thailand will be recognized more widely in the international community.


On this occasion, the Prime Minister called on the people and all sectors to join in the declaration, pledging to uphold honesty and give top priority to national interests, rather than personal gain, in order to build a society free of corruption.


Source: The Government Public Relations Department