Thai people tell of the moment they fled from Lao Kai city.

Chiang Rai, Thai people recount the moment they fled from Lao Kai. Running without thinking about life Before meeting Kokang soldiers, they helped and sent him to Nandeng and the Wa city. before entering Thailand through the coordination of TBC Thailand-Myanmar

One of the 41 Thai people who returned from Lao Kai told me that Find a job on the website Until I found a job in a marketing position. But you have to do it in Myanmar. So I applied to get a visa correctly. and travel to Mandalay city But when we arrived, there was a car to pick us up at 4:00 a.m. which made us surprised that the work was not as discussed. Before taking him to Lao Kai, he had him go to a call center and his passport was confiscated. and separate yourself and your boyfriend from each other

For the incident of escaping from the said area after there was news that the Chinese authorities would come to crack down on the gray Chinese capital group in Lao Kai City. Therefore news was sent among Thai people. Therefore, he packed his belongings and prepared to escape building number 9. After that, the door in building number 9 was opened in the morning, so he and 41 other people escaped on a motorcycle. which a Chinese person we call the boss has come to follow So they decided to flag down motorcycles and run in a convoy to the point where there was a clash. Until meeting with Kokang soldiers who told them not to go along this route. and prohibited from returning to the city So he went to the place where people who had come out from Lukkai had gathered together. Then the Kokang soldiers gathered the Thai people to live in Nandeng. that has been well taken care of and all 41 Thai people were taken to Wa City. which is very well taken care of Waiting for the Thai authorities to come help before returning to be sent to Chiang Tung for Myanmar soldiers to deliver to Thai soldiers at the border

It was also revealed that some Chinese bosses were tricked into taking care of Thai people who were tricked into working. which has both good and bad people However, if the China Tao group in China knows that there is a call to come and help. People who are in Lao Kai will be punished immediately.

Source: Thai News Agency