NARATHIWAT, Thailand A group of unidentified gunmen opened fire at a pickup truck in this southern Thailand province Wednesday, killing the driver and badly injuring another man.

Bacho District Police chief Col Akkaradech Chimpong said the 31-year-old driver, identified as Bahreng Mail, died on the spot in the incident which occurred at about 5.30 pm (6.30 pm in Malaysia) in Kampung Balukar.

He said the attack caused the truck to skid and crash into a ditch.

"The driver died on the spot due to gunshots to the body and face. Seven spent bullets were also found at the scene," he told reporters.

He said the two men had been on their way to a road construction area.

The injured man, known as Rajibman Kori, is an assistant at the construction company, he added.

Source: NAM News Network