BANGKOK, Thailand The Defence Ministry is considering recruiting civilian and military reserve force members to work as 'cyber warriors" to counter cyber threats, the Bangkok Post reported.

The armed forces plans to form a unit equipped with knowledge in cyber affairs, Lt Gen Ritthi Intharawut, head of the Defence Ministry's cyber team said Thursday after a meeting on cyber security.

Discussions in the meeting included a plan this year to hire civilian cyber experts and members of the military reserve force skilled in cyber affairs to work together in a special unit to counter cyber threats, he said.

No age limit nor gender preference will be imposed on civilian applicants who will be employed temporarily as military officers as allowed under the 1978 Act on regulations on military civil servants.

Applicants who are members of the military reserve force must not be older than 35 years.

The 2015 Act on the military reserve force will apply to the recruitment of cyber experts from this sector and who will be hired on a four-year contract that can be renewed twice.

''When they are employed as a cyber expert, which is a temporary position, their military reserve force member status will automatically end.

"During the Cold War era, the military reserve force was a very important militia to the armed forces but now in the era of cyber warfare, 'cyber warriors' are an important asset for the nation," he said.

Source: NAM News Network