PHUKET, Thailand A public hearing into dealing with the monkey problem in Phuket province, one of 12 such areas facing the issue, found most residents agree with neutering the animals but not with moving them to a different location, the National News Bureau of Thailand (NNT) reported.

Over 100 agents from the Phuket Province Natural Resource and Environment Office, the Khao Phra Taew Nature and Wildlife Education Centre, Rassada Sub-District Municipal Authority and relevant agencies joined in the hearing alongside residents of Soi Ta Chin.

The community is one of seven in Phuket facing a monkey problem due to a boom in the population of macaques and pig-tailed monkeys. The others are Bang Rong Pier, Baan Yamu, King Kaew Soi 9, Siray Island, Khao Rang and Khao Toh Chae.

The forum explained the situation to residents alongside a plan to move the monkeys to five uninhabited islands and a plan to neuter them. Most participants agreed with neutering the animals but disagreed with moving them from the area.

The neutering operation is to be conducted this June 5-25.

Source: NAM News Network