NARATHIWAT, Thailand A private religious school in the Yinga district, southern Thailand is working hard to preserve the old hand-written copies of the Quran.

Samanmit Wittaya School manager Lutfi Samae said there were 79 copies of the old Quran under its care with the oldest estimated to be 1,130 years old.

"There are eight types of manuscripts of old hand-written Quran namely the Malay, Mogul, Sofawiah, Uzbek, Kufi-Hijaz, Andalusian, Syrian and Yemen Manuscripts," he said here.

He said the copies were carefully kept by the school with the help of several foreign agencies including the National Archives of Malaysia, National Library of Malaysia and Istanbul's Sulaimaniyah Library Board.

The school is building a museum that will house all the old hand-written Quran and it is expected to be completed in August, he said.

Lutfi also did not rule out the possibility that there were many other old hand-written copies of Quran kept in other religious schools in southern Thailand.

Source: NAM News Network