KOH SAMUI (THAILAND), March 1 (NNN-AGENCIES) Tourists fled in terror after a deadly shootout between rival jet ski operators on a Thai beach.

The two men had been ferrying holidaymakers out to sea on packed travel hot spot Koh Samui island Wednesday afternoon.

But Soontree Chaipet, 45, and Tinapot Petcharat, 26, began arguing over one encroaching onto the other's patch.

CCTV showed the moment each man produced a handgun and opened fire at each other, with tourists at a nearby restaurant running for cover and hiding under tables.

Police arrived at around 4.30pm and found both men in a pool of blood on the white sand. The younger man, Tinapot, later died in hospital

The older man was driven to hospital by a friend while paramedics performed CPR on Tinapot as tourists in their swimming trunks stood watching in disbelief.

Officers later recovered two weapons, a black 9mm handgun and a smaller silver pistol as well as ammunition on the Chaweng Beach.

Police Major General Apichat Boonsaree from the Bophut station said they believed the reason for the gun fight was a 'business conflict when renting jet skis to customers'.

He added: 'Both sides are involved in the business of renting jet skis on the beach and they took up a duel with each other. They were both carrying guns and we understand that they had many arguments with each other before.

'Police are in attendance at the hospital where the survivor is and will interrogate him once he has regained composure.'

Source: NAM News Network

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