The King accepted 9 schools of education as “Ratchaprajanukroh School”.

Minister of Education revealed His Majesty the King Accepting 9 welfare schools as "Ratchaprajanukroh Schools" under the supervision of the Rajaprajanukroh Foundation. under the royal patronage

Ms. Treenuch Thienthong, Minister of Education (Minister of Education) revealed that on July 24, 2023, she signed the Ministry of Education announcement on changing the school name. This was due to the fact that the Office of the Basic Education Commission (OBEC) under the Ministry of Education (MOE) requested a royal decision to accept 9 welfare schools under the supervision of the Rajaprajanugroh Foundation. under the royal patronage with the logo of Rajaprachanukroh School which His Majesty King Ramathibodi Sri Sinthon Maha Vajiralongkorn King Vajiraklao Chao Yu Hua, Rama 10, had a royal decision as requested by His Majesty the King as follows: 1. He graciously accepted 9 welfare schools, namely Rajaprachanukroh School, numbers 58-66 and 2. He graciously bestowed Permission to change the emblem of all Rajaprachanukroh schools by changing the sequence number 1-66 followed by the name of the province

The Minister of Education went on to say that In the announcement of the Ministry of Education on changing the name of the school, there is an important point, namely, with the Rajaprachanukroh Foundation. under the royal patronage Accepting a school of welfare under the Office of Special Education Administration 9 of the Office of the Basic Education Commission are Rajaprajanukroh Schools. by being admitted into the care of the Rajaprachanukroh Foundation under the royal patronage Therefore, the School of Social Work Changed the name to Rajaprachanukroh School. under the Office of Special Education Administration Office of the Basic Education Commission

1. Suksa Songkhro Bang Kruai School is a Ratchaprachanukroh 58 School, Nonthaburi Province.

2. Mae Hong Son Suksuksa School is Rajaprachanukhro School 59, Mae Hong Son Province.

4. Suksa Songkhro Chiang Dao School is a Ratchaprachanukroh 61 School, Chiang Mai Province.

5. Suksa Songkhro Mae Chan School is a Ratchaprachanukroh 62 School, Chiang Rai Province.

6. Suksa Songkhro Thawatchaburi School is a Ratchaprachanukroh 63 School in Roi Et Province.

7. Suksa Songkhro Surat Thani School is Ratchaprachanukroh 64 School, Surat Thani Province. 8. Suksa Songkhro Phatthalung School is Ratchaprachanukhro School 65, Phatthalung Province, and

9. Narathiwat Suksa Songkhro School is Rajaprajanukro School 66, Narathiwat Province.

“The nine welfare schools selected are schools that take care of children in difficult conditions. Have a life that is inferior to normal children special assistance is required in order to have a better living which changed the name of the school and is in the foundation will allow students to receive scholarship support equal opportunity effective in both academic and professional skills such as agriculture, cooking, etc., as well as promoting talent in music, arts and sports, instilling in students a sense of Thainess Develop the school to become a model of Rajaprachanukroh School. which maintain the love and respect for the monarchy And create pride for teachers, staff and students, which will help the school and the community to be better. Because it has been supervised by relevant agencies to help support, ”said Miss Treenuch.

Source: Thai News Agency