The MAI Stock Exchange welcomes BPS Technology Public Company Limited (BPS) to begin trading on April 3.

Bangkok, BPS Technology Public Company Limited, a distributor of electrical connection equipment within buildings. Related technology products Roof mounted solar cell equipment Fiber optic network for communication and products that help facilitate living and commercial buildings Ready to trade on the MAI Stock Exchange on April 3, with a securities value at the IPO price of 360 million baht, using the securities trading abbreviation "BPS". Mr. Praphan Charoenprawat, Manager of the MAI Stock Exchange (mai), revealed that the mai Stock Exchange welcomes BPS Technology Public Company Limited to register and begin trading on mai under the Industrial Products Group. Using the securities trading abbreviation "BPS" on April 3, 2024. BPS is a supplier and distributor of materials and equipment related to electrical systems and technological equipment. Currently, BPS's business has become a Solution Provider with a strategy to expand existing products and services into integrated technology and digital products an d services. It is a center for products and services related to housing for residents. Business and factory customer groups. In addition, the company has received a license to operate a telecommunications business that can provide telecommunications systems with a network (Network Service) to the general public. Work has begun to install fiber optic cables within the condominium building. To provide communication services to residents By collaborating with internet entrepreneurs This will allow the company to have recurring income in 2023. The company's main income is from selling products. 80.39% are divided into electrical connection products, 80.39% are products for solar energy production. 5.40Technology and communication products 1.40% and service income 12.81%. BPS has paid-up capital after the offering of 200 million baht with a par value of 0.50 baht per share, consisting of 280 million existing common shares and 120 million additional common shares, of which 90 million will be offered to individuals at the discretion of the underwriter. 18 million shares will be offered for sale to the company's benefactors and 12 million shares to directors, executives and/or employees on 27 - 29 March 2024 at a price of 0.90 baht per share, representing an IPO offering value of 108 million baht. Securities at the IPO price of 360 million baht. In determining the IPO price, the ratio of share price to net profit per share (Price to Earnings Ratio: P/E Ratio) is equal to 18 times, which is calculated from net profit for the past 12 months (fiscal year 2023) divided by the number of common shares issued and paid after this stock offering (fully diluted), will get net earnings per share equal to 0.12 baht, with Phillip Securities (Thailand) Public Company Limited being the Financial advisor and underwriter and underwriter Mr. Suraphong Saretchphan, Chief Executive Officer of BPS Technology Public Company Limited, revealed that for the past 19 years, the company has been a source of products and equipment related to electr ical systems. Comprehensive telecommunications technology The company is committed to creating growth by driving business with digital for sustainability. Through the development of products and services in the form of solutions To improve the quality of life for customers For the money received from fundraising The company will invest in various projects, including a project to expand the business of installing rooftop solar power generation systems. Smart home innovation equipment and installation work Fiber optic equipment and installation for communication Learning center for technicians and used as working capital of the company BPS has a major shareholder after the IPO, the group of Mr. Suraphong Saretchaphan, holding 45.16 percent of the shares, Venture Capital Trust. The SME Venture Fund holds 13.55 percent of the shares and Ms. Phattharaphon Kaewphokha holds 11.29 percent of the shares. The company has a policy of paying dividends to shareholders at a rate of not less than 40 percent of net profits after deducting taxes and money. Legal reserve Investors and interested parties can see details From the company's prospectus at the SEC's website at and general information of the company at and . Source: Thai News Agency