The Minister of Defense recommends that government agencies adopt the NDC curriculum.

Suthin" closes V.P.O. course. Viewed as a good, quality course that is an important network driving the country. Recommend that all ministries, bureaus, and departments apply.

Mr. Suthin Khlangsaeng, Minister of Defense Presided over the closing ceremony of the 65th National Defense College course at the National Defense College auditorium. National Defense Studies Institute by Mr. Suthin said that as a person working in education I really admire this course because it is a good quality course. And would like to recommend that all ministries, bureaus, and departments adopt the NDC curriculum. And in addition to the knowledge that students have, thoughts and attitudes are problems of society. Believe that it will make smart people Those who study together often have problems.

“But here is different from other places. Because it is a melting pot of talented people. and has a unified perspective It will be the power that the country needs. Especially in the area of security and unity. and will be an important network in driving the country forward To develop and protect and maintain security in the Kingdom In addition, studying is not only an opportunity for students. Everything is an opportunity for the country,” said the Minister of Defense.

For the 65th National Defense Course, there are a total of 284 students, consisting of 96 military officials, 13 police officials, 87 civil servants, and state enterprise employees. and 24 independent organizations, 15 from the private sector, 42 businessmen and the general public, 7 students from friendly countries, including Australia, Cambodia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar and Singapore

Source: Thai News Agency