The Prime Minister expedites disbursement of the 2024 budget.

House of Representatives, The Prime Minister orders government agencies to expedite the disbursement of the fiscal year 2024 budget, transferring funds to the provincial departments within 5 days, requiring contractors to deliver work faster. Mr. Karom Phonphonklang, Deputy Spokesperson of the Prime Minister's Office, revealed that the Cabinet has resolved to approve measures to expedite the spending of the 2024 annual budget for government agencies. Spend the budget in time in the 5 months before the end of September 2024, setting goals as follows. The government agencies must proceed as follows: 1. Budget expenditures Must be paid by the regional office within 5 days from the date of approval of the allocation. 2. Items that create debts that are binding over the year. which is new investment expenditure Have government agencies submit details, formats, building lists, and median prices, with the Provincial Administrative Organization considering the suitability of prices along with it. along with the pr ocurement process If the amount does not exceed the limit, please notify the Provincial Administrative Organization and proceed with the contract to create a debt obligation. 3. Let the unit receive the budget. Schedule work delivery times faster. To keep up with disbursement by September 2024, especially for single-year items. For new commitment items, the debt obligation should be completed within May 2024. If it is expected that the investment budget will be able to generate debt in time within fiscal year 2024, please notify the Department of Local Administration to jointly find solutions on a case-by-case basis. Prevent money from being lost at the end of the fiscal year. Source: Thai News Agency