The Taekwondo Sports Association does not send “Nong Tennis” to compete in the Asian Indoor Games.

Central World, – The Taekwondo Sports Association may not send "Nong Tennis" Panipak to compete in the Asian Indoor Games in order to prepare as completely as possible for next year's Olympic Games.

Taekwondo Sports Association of Thailand Celebrating the success of the Thai national team The Asian Games in China, which has won 2 gold medals, 2 bronze medals, led by Mr Thanathit Rak Tabut, Secretary -General of the Association. As a team manager, along with "Nong Tennis", Panipak Wongphatthanakit, owner of the 2 -time gold medal, and "Yu", the red -pomegranate throne that won the 63 kg of gold medal, along with the fighting team and Pumsee. Both "Coach Che" Chatchai Che Join the party

Mr. Thanathit revealed that the Asian Indoor Games will compete between 24 February - 6 March 2024. The association may not send "Nong Tennis" Panipak to compete in order to prepare. Ready to be as complete as possible to compete in the Olympic Games next year.

Source: Thai News Agency