BANGKOK, Thailand Three Malaysian men were arrested by Thai Police for allegedly using fake credit cards to buy clothes at a popular shopping centre in Bangkok.

According to deputy commander of Metropolitan Police Bureau Col Nakarin Sukhonthawit, the men splurged about 8,000 Baht (RM1,025) to buy clothes using the fake credit cards at a shop in the shopping centre located in Pratunam areas.

"The men were arrested Monday by security officers at the shopping centre following a report made by the owner of the shop where the three men shopped using the fake credit cards," he told the media here, yesterday.

The officers found eight fake credit cards in the possession of the men during the time of their arrest and another eight fake credit cards in their hotel room in Soi Nana, in Bangkok, he said, adding that the Malaysians entered Thailand two days ago.

Nakarin said, the police are still gathering more evidence against the men and questioning several more witnessess before wrapping up their investigation.

He said, the men claimed they got hold of the fake credit cards from a member of a criminal network whom the Police believed had managed to access informations on the original credit cards using illegal skimming technology.

Source: NAM News Network

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