Three core members of an environmental group protesting the coal-fired power plant project in Krabi province were arrested in Bangkok and detained for questioning by the military.

The three identified as Prasitichai Noonual, ML Rungkun Kitiyakorn and Akradet Chakjinda were apprehended at the protest site in front of Government House this morning after they continued to protest the project which won approval by the National Energy Policy Committee.

The arrest was witnessed by their fellow residents from Krabi.

All the three were then brought into the Army Area 11 barracks for interrogation.

The other protesters still gathered in front of Government House were also told to disperse as police said they had requested warrant from the Civil Court to order them to halt the gathering.

The court has accepted the police request and has set February 20 to hear testimonies from both the state and the protesters for the termination of the gathering.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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