The chief bodyguard of Cambodia's National Centre for Peacekeeping Forces on Thursday fatally shot his two colleagues, one of them a two-star general, and killed himself at the centre's Phnom Penh headquarters in what was suspected to be a love triangle conflict.

According to the Phnom Penh Post, 32-year old Sem Ratha who heads the bodyguard contingent shot the centre's human resources director, 35-year Oum Sophear, and office assistant Ms Seng Marina, 37 after he arrived at the office about 9 am. Later on, he turned the gun on himself, according to the military police spokesman Eng Hy.

NOMEC director-general Sem Sovanny was sparked by a young lover's issue. He said Ms Marina recently rejected a marriage proposal from Ratha, the shoorter, after she earlier rejected his engagement proposal because she felt she is older than him.

Ratha shot Sophear, a two-star general, out of jealousy, said Sovanny.

But National Police website said there was no indication that Sophear was romantically involved with Marina but both got along well in the office which may have upset the shooter.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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