Top-up machine “Kapuk” has good response after piloting 200 machines with income of 3-50,000 baht per year.

Director-General of the Department of Business Development shows results of increasing income for grocery stores. By installing "Kapuk" top-up machines after piloting 200 machines, it was found that there was an income of approximately 3-50,000 baht per year. It is expected that more than 10 million baht will circulate in the economy.

Mr. Thotsapon Thansubut, Director-General of the Department of Business Development, revealed that the department has continued to increase income for smart grocery stores. There are plans to cooperate with various groups of partners to support the stores. This is a cooperation project that the department considers to be a successful project. What has been done in the past is collaborating with Advance Web Services Public Company Limited or AWS to bring "Kapuk" top-up machines to grocery stores throughout Thailand under the concept of "Expanding the customer base with technology close to home" as a pilot. 200 containers, which creates trade opportunities Increase income for entrepreneurs and add tools to help compete Which has recently been delivered to a grocery store in full.

For the Kapak cabinet Can provide mobile phone top-up services, wallets, cash cards, game cards, or pay for mobile services. Additional package service fees People can make transactions at Smart Grocery stores near their homes. Makes it convenient, fast, saves time and reduces costs. As for Smart Grocery stores, their income increased. In addition to selling normal consumer products

In this regard, from the evaluation of the service of 1 Kapuk cabinet, there will be an income of approx. 30,000-50,000 baht per year, with income coming from 2 ways: 1. top-up fees, such as 20 baht top-up, 2 baht fees, etc., and 2. percentage of the top-up amount that will be received from the top-up network owner, approximately 2.7-3%. The smart grocery store that installs the Kapuk cabinet will have an expense of approximately 100 baht per month, a monthly management fee for the SIM card, 50 baht for the telephone, and electricity for the Kapuk cabinet of approximately 50 baht, but when subtracting the amount between Income and expenses Entrepreneurs still have increased income from providing Kapuk cabinet services. which is considered additional income It is expected that all 200 containers will have more than 10 million baht circulating in the economy.

However, the department has previously moved forward with the Smart Grocery Plus project by working with partner agencies to jointly develop small retail stores. or grocery stores nationwide "Smart Shopping" by gaining knowledge necessary for business management Help adjust the image of the store to be beautiful, clean, bright, convenient, and comfortable. Bring technology into use in management. Including helping to increase income, such as installing top-ups Coin-operated service kiosk etc.

Source: Thai News Agency