The Tarurao National Marine Park Office in Satun province is asking tourists who took the black stones at the Had Hin Ngam beach back homes as souvenirs from the park to return the stones back to the place if they don't want to keep them.

The call for the return of the stolen black stones from the Had Hin Ngam beach came after the office received postal parcels containing the black stones with apology letters inside.

They were sent back on postal parcels and some using logistic firms as they didn't want to identify themselves, he said.

Assistant chief to Tarutao National Marine Park Mr Chinda Srisuppatapong said each year 20-30 black stones were sent back to the park in postal parcels.

He said they were sent from Bangkok, other provinces and some from overseas.

He said in one parcel, it was filled with up to 6 stones.

But what were found common in most parcels were apology letters of the senders attached with the stones, he said.

The senders expressed apology for sacrileges in taking homes the black stones, he said.

He said he believed that the senders might meet with misfortunes after stealing homes the black stones which might be consecrated to God.

He said some have flown back to Tarutao with the stones to seek apology.

He then asked that if anybody who took the stones home as souvenirs, and didn't want to keep them, they could send them back to Tarutao marine park at the address below.

Had Hin Ngam is a beautiful stone beach. It stands on protected land, with no nearby resorts. The area around is rich and diverse with amazing tropical nature, trekking and walking trail-ways.

Hin Ngam is a small island on the south of Adang Island. The island is full of black shiny rocks. In the center is the forest. Although other islands are famous for their white sand beach, Hin Ngam is still the most outstanding island with no sand in Satun province.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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