Tourists were warned to stay away from a male elephant for their own safety as KhaoYai national park officials are trying to drive the jumbo from a trekking route around HaewSuwat waterfall.

The park chief, MrKanchitSrinoppawan, told the media on Monday that the 30-year old bull elephant, named Ronaldinyo after a wellknown Brazilian footballer, appears to be in a bad mood and has ventured into the trekking route and the site for tourists to pitch camps near the waterfall.

He said that park officials came across Ronaldinyo at the scene and tried to shoo it away and deeper into the jungle, but the elephant resisted and attacked the officials' car, damaging the front windshield and denting both sides of the car.

But, luckily, none of the officials were injured, said the park chief, adding that officials had decided to temporarily close the trekking route for the safety of adventurous tourists as park officials try to push the beast away.

He explained that the presence of tourists at the scene may pose an obstacle to the officials in doing their job.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

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