A pedestrian overpass collapsed and fell on two cars after it was hit in the middle by a trailer truck.

The flooring of the overpass felt on two cars which following the trailer truck injuring 4 people.

The incident happened on Kilometre 50+600 on the outbound lane of the Highway 32 or the Asian Highway in Ang Thong province.

The incident happened at about 11.00 pm but until late at noon the broken overpass still blocks the highway in the middle.

Highway officials said the arm of the huge backhoe on board the trailer truck struck the overpass as it passed under.

Traffic on the highway began to clog up as motorists slowed down to see the incident.

But Ang Thong highway officer assured that vehicles could still pass the scene using the inner lane.

He said it would take 1-2 hours for huge crane to arrive at the scene, and more hours to lift the broken part of the overpass from the road.

Traffic on the Asian Highway at the scene is expected to be very congested late this afternoon.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)

By tladmin